Wendy has been an answer to prayers! After my diagnosis of Ehler’s Danlos-Hypermobile Disorder, I struggled to find a quality team of people to help me through my medical journey. Finding a Phsical Therapist like Wendy who understands the physical complications that result from my condition has been a game changer. She is full of information, willing to seek out and find solutions and is very resposive and communicative. So grateful to have her as a part of my medical team!
— Stephanie V - Special Ed teacher

I began seeing Wendy shortly after I was diagnosed with hEDS and she has been an extremely helpful resource and supportive part of my medical team. I like that she not only provided me with exercises, but also took the time to explain why they are important and how different parts of my body are connected. Wendy has also helped me work towards my own personal goals, such as being able to return to group work out classes, by providing me with modifications. I would highly recommend Wendy as a PT for anyone struggling with EDS!
— Lauren L. - young adult
“Wendy has been an all-star addition to my medical team! She takes the time getting to know you and your body in order to create an individualized treatment plan that works for your EDS. After six months of working with her I was able to begin graduate school after deferring for two years due to EDS. Since starting school, Wendy has worked with me to manage my symptoms, keeping me on the road to a happy and healthy life- both in and out of the classroom!”
— Rachel F. - graduate student at Pepperdine studying social entrepreneurship and hoping to work toward advocacy and support for people with EDS
As soon as I found out I have EDS, I started seeing Wendy. She’s not only helpful for relief and daily comfort, but also a wealth of EDS knowledge.
— Margaret E. - mother of five
I found Wendy’s practice when I could not find a doctor to help with my presumed EDS. In a short time, she has taught me ways to strengthen and use my body that have already helped greatly. Wendy knows her field well, and she is always working hard to learn more to serve her clients. I’m very grateful I found her!
— Jill R. - Pastor at Resolution Church
It’s such a relief to be working with Wendy, a physical therapist that knows and understands Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome! She really knows how to gently build strength and meet my individual needs.
— Rebekah L. - architect and mother of 3 children with EDS

"wendy did a fantastic job"

"When my son was 2 months old he was diagnosed with Torticollis and Plagiocephaly. Wendy did a fantastic job working with him early and giving me tips to stretch him throughout the week that he ended up not needing a helmet. He's now a happy healthy active toddler."

 – KAILA M. - warrior mama

"wendy was pivotal in getting my daughter the support and needed therapy"

“Wendy has a strong commitment and dedication to working with her patients and their families. She listened to me about my concerns regarding my daughter's gross motor skills when no one else in our family seemed to be concerned. She was the first person to notice her ankles were pronating and likely causing some issues for her. Wendy was pivotal in getting my daughter the support and needed therapy to get her stronger and become confident while doing so.  Wendy also provided us with a home program that we could manage even during our busy daily routines.  Thanks to Wendy my daughter is now running, jumping, climbing up and down the stairs with pride while having FUN moving her body! Thank you Wendy!"

- AMY M.  - mother and Licensed Clinical Speech Therapist

"she explained everything...would highly recommend wendy"

Wendy was fantastic with my daughter and I am very happy with results. She explained everything she believed needed work and what she was doing during her therapy time and what we should work on outside of therapy time. She also would quickly get into contact with outside doctors, etc. I would highly recommend Wendy."

-STEPHANIE - mother

"She gets it...I trust her"

"Wendy is more than just a physical therapist. She not only has great education, but she GETS IT. She’s lived in the area, she has kids of her own, I trust her."

Clinic Director of PT Clinic in Naperville

"Wendy is professional”

Wendy was great at connecting with my teenager; in addition, she was professional with her recommendations and therapeutic delivery.  My daughter has no lasting difficulties from her injury. 

- Sue W. - working mother


"Wendy has been a respected colleague and friend for over 20 years. If I have an ethical dilemma or nuanced case, she is the first person I turn to. She is professional, generous with her time and talents, and ready to apply her 20+ years of treatment experience or the latest research as needed. Wendy is a stand out PT."

- KRISTEN LIPSEY, PT, MPT Licensed Physical Therapist


"Wendy is phenomenal with children, making them feel comfortable and special. She makes sure they have fun while she works with them. She is an awesome physical therapist! Wendy is knowledgeable in her field, an expert with children, and dedicated to bring healing, strength, and well-being to her clients. Wendy quickly became a special person in our family's life! My young daughter loved going to "Miss Wendy" every week! It was refreshing to bring her somewhere she enjoyed going so much, since it was a service she needed to receive." 

– KIM S. - mother and elementary music teacher

"Professional + compassionate"

Wendy has a balance between professionalism and compassion as she works with each patient to meet their needs."

Associate Professor Emerita, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Dept of Physical Therapy + Human Movement Sciences

"Knows how to communicate with little ones”

We met Wendy when my little girl was 1 year old and since then my daughter did such a big progress with Wendy’s help. She is a professional, patient and caring person. She knows how to communicate with little ones, how to make them happy and have fun during physical therapy. Now she is my daughter’s friend 

- Vaida A.

"wendy is truly outstanding”

“Wendy is truly outstanding. She began working with my son when he was diagnosed with torticollis and plagiocephaly at 6-months-old. Not only did he love his sessions with Wendy, but he also thrived under her skilled guidance, encouragement, patience, and expertise. She really cares about her patients and went above and beyond our expectations. Our family loved working with her and greatly enjoyed our weekly sessions. I would highly recommend Wendy without reservation to anyone in need of a physical therapist!”

- Stephanie F. - mother and MBA

"Wendy is the best pt…”

"Wendy is the best physical therapist we have ever have, and we have been through a lot of them: Early Intervention, school, private therapy, hospitals. My son has progressed so much since we started seeing her two years ago. Wendy’s experience speaks volumes, and even when my son doesn’t want to work hard, he does the work because he truly loves her. She is like family to us."

-Lynn N. - mother and mental health clinician

"My daughters looked forward to their physical therapy with wendy”

My daughters always looked forward to their physical therapy sessions with Wendy!  She went above and beyond to create unique, custom therapy routines to meet their individual needs.  Even when my daughter requested to learn a dance routine one day, Wendy found a way to harness that enthusiasm and incorporate it into the therapy session.  Wendy makes every session fun and beneficial, and does a wonderful job connecting with the parents and family! 

- Rebekah L. - mother with EDS and three children with EDS, architect

"Wendy has Mad, on-the-fly skills”

She worked on me after the Boston Marathon, and I was ready to dance after. She has mad
on-the-fly skills!

  • Maria S. - mother and marathon runner