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Pediatric physical therapists are specifically trained to improve the lives and daily function of children who suffer from a wide range of injuries and congenital conditions. The role of a pediatric therapist is to work with the child and their family to assist each child to reach their maximum potential to function independently and to promote active participation at home, in school, and in the community. 

The good news is that physical therapy is FUN for kids! They usually don’t even know they are exercising. Enhanced gross motor development will help your child gain confidence as they do what kids do — explore their environment through PLAY. As the parent, you will learn strategies to help your child reach their full potential. Using play-based-therapy, we are able to teach your child ways to move that will further their development including:

  • Core strengthening for posture and injury prevention

  • Upper extremitiy strengthening needed for handwriting and grip

  • Coordination to improve success with sports or social play

  • Balance and fall reduction

  • Increased range of motion of joints

  • Improved body awareness and sensory regulation

  • Therapeutic playground instruction for parents and child!